Thought Thieves @ The Fine Line Music Cafe


An early show! Well 10:00 and it’s winter, so it wont seem all that early, so that seems about perfect. An early show that seems late, but isnt. The doors are at 8:00 with the first band going on around 9:00. We will go on right at 10:00…. the Fine Line keeps a pretty tight schedule. We have some new music that we are playing tonight at the New Year’s show and we are looking forward to playing a longer set next week. OBCT takes the stage right after us and Dissociate will close the place down. Come check out the music…. and AS ALWAYS.. TELL THE PEOPLE AT THE DOOR THAT YOU ARE THERE TO SEE “THOUGHT THIEVES”. They track that down there and we earn “street cred”, which we can later turn in to play gigs in the afterlife.
-Thought Thieves

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