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Thought Thieves are PLAYING AGAIN!!!

This Site Blows and we Know It!

We are going to spend some time making a web page that is actually worth visiting. In the meantime please enjoy the fact that I updated some tunes and you can jam out while you stare at empty links. Perhaps you can close your eyes and envision yourself at one of our shows this summer. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Thought Thieves Mgmt.

Thought Thieves @ Ground Zero w/ I:Scintilla

We are happy to be playing a show w/ Chicago Band I:Scintilla on Friday March 30th… Here are the details:

Doors 9:00 pm, 9:30 pm show, 18+
241s first hour after doors

Tickets $10 at the door

Venue Info:
Ground Zero
15 4th Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Thought Thieves @ The Fine Line Music Cafe

An early show! Well 10:00 and it’s winter, so it wont seem all that early, so that seems about perfect. An early show that seems late, but isnt. The doors are at 8:00 with the first band going on around 9:00. We will go on right at 10:00…. the Fine Line keeps a pretty tight schedule. We have some new music that we are playing tonight at the New Year’s show and we are looking forward to playing a longer set next week. OBCT takes the stage right after us and Dissociate will close the place down. Come check out the music…. and AS ALWAYS.. TELL THE PEOPLE AT THE DOOR THAT YOU ARE THERE TO SEE “THOUGHT THIEVES”. They track that down there and we earn “street cred”, which we can later turn in to play gigs in the afterlife.
-Thought Thieves



We are very happy to have been invited to play a big warehouse New Years eve show put on by some long time party organizers and friends of ours. These events are huge, themed, and a blast. 7 DJ’s, Thought Thieves, Food for $20 on New Years!! … and that’s all without mentioning the beverages that I’m not aware of… nor is anybody else…

We bring you our next event for New Year’s Eve with the glorious fun, art, music, food and refreshments you know and love. We’ve brought back some past favorites and are welcoming new additions. Musical Guests the THOUGHT THIEVES will join us and we do also have a very special surprise for later into the night. We also have 7 of the Twin Cities finest DJs to provide the backdrop for all your dance stylings.

Our tremendous artist Tom Vogel will bring us another unique custom painted mural!

Join us in our Bollywood lounge for another remarkable evening~

We will have Indian food and many homemade treats for our party goers.

We will celebrate the birth of 2012 with the rise of an ancient civilization into the modern world. The mystical deities will bless us with good karma for the new year.

ADMISSION is $20 and includes all the offerings for the evening.

PLEASE read your flier for details.

We want everyone who joins us to have a memorable evening as well as a safe one. Please make plans for transportation.


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